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Article written by Peter Debruge in Variety Daily, about short films and the Oscars, Dec 2008

Excerpt... Chris Jones made a short nearly 20 years ago. He was right out of film school, audiences loved it and more work followed. But his biggest hit wasn't a film at all, but a how-to guide called "The Guerilla Filmmaker's Handbook" that became so successful, Jones found himself publishing follow-ups instead of pursuing his intended profession. Read Full Article Here

2 page article written for Kodak InCamera Magazine about shooting Gone Fishing, with Director Chris Jones and DP Vernon Layton, January 2009

Excerpt... “I knew Chris’s beautiful story needed a sort of timeless and lyrical look to the flashback scenes, rather like an old colour photograph. We needed a method of subtly conveying to the audience that something was different. We achieved this with a technique I used to employ on commercials in the 70s and early 80s which now because of the ability to digitally grade the negative worked even better than it did back then.” Read Full Article Here

2 page article written by director Chris Jones in European movie magazine, MovieScope, November 2008

Excerpt... Having made three indie features, written three best-selling Guerilla Film Makers books on filmmaking, and taught hundreds of filmmakers through my masterclasses, I was taken aback when one young, fresh-faced new filmmaker asked a question during a seminar, the question, that I had been avoiding for some time: “That’s all well and good, all this stuff you are telling us to do, but why don’t you take your own medicine? Why are you not making films?” Read Full Article Here

Online article written by James MacGregor for online film community Shooting People, November 2008

Excerpt... Nowadays the market is awash with microbudget features and it’s so much harder to stand out in the crowd. I chose to put my stake in the ground and say GONE FISHING is the kind of films that I want to make; very large, emotional canvasses, big sweeping narratives, very wide demographic that it’s appealing to, very strong, commercial movies, and I knew I couldn’t make a microbudget feature that said that, but I could make a short film. So that was why I chose to make GONE FISHING.' Read Full Article Here


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